The Basics

What is War Bonds

War Bonds is a platform which currently consists of a Bond Market.    War Bonds is based on the TRON network.

How do I play the Bond Market?

War Bonds runs on the TRON network and uses the TRX cryptocurrency for purchases and yield payouts.    You just need to have a TRON wallet like or .

You can buy a bond for the listed price.   After purchase the bond price is automatically increased by 25%. While you own the bond you will collect the posted Yield rate from all distributed earnings as other players trade bonds.   45% of the gain from every bond purchase is ditributed to bond owners at their yield rates.    When someone purchases your bond you will receive your original purchase price, plus 50% of the gain and of course any yield you have received while owning the bond.

Your bond earnings and sale proceeds are deposited directly into your TRON wallet.

Can I play War Bonds from a mobile phone?

Yes!   You can install TrustWallet on iOS or on Android and enter your same seed words from Metamask to have full access to your metamask account via our mobile interface!

What exactly is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a set-in-stone piece of programming language that was submitted to the TRON (TRX) network upon launch of our token.    The smart contract handles all TRX and tokens autonomously without any form of human input, and its calculations and functions are confirmed across thousands of computers across the world before they are run.

War Bonds is entirely powered by a smart contract. A smart contract, once deployed, is immutable which means that the code cannot be changed by the owners except in very limited ways pre-programmed into the contract.

Is there a referral bonus program?

Yes! At the bottom of the game page you will see a box with your Masternode.    This is a link you can share with other players.    Whenever a player buys a bond using your Masternode link, you will receive 5% of the distributed Yield to you earnings account.